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Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin McLaughlin

Minneapolis, MN


I'm a self-taught artist who has been creating work digitally for the past seven years. Featuring abstract representations and bold color, my work is often pointedly digital in appearance, combining soft elements— hand drawn lines, pastels, and blended color gradations— with hard elements, such as sharp edges with visible 'pixels,' and other obviously digital artifacts (layering, duplication, repetition, etc).

I favor spare, minimal rendering that invites the viewer’s eye to complete the picture. I am also fascinated with the idea of the ellipse as infinity symbol—it’s a simplified figure 8, really—and frequently use the shape as a sort of 'atomic unit' in my pattern-based work.

I truly love working in the digital offers a wonderfully flexible and fluid workflow with an infinite range of expression.

When buying a print of my work: I recommend the Metal Print option, as it offers the best reproduction of my images' colors and it has a sleek, appealing gloss finish. These metal prints are also very lightweight and do not require framing.

Thanks for visiting my gallery! --Kevin


Falcon Pond by Kevin McLaughlin


Orange Jetpack Penguin by Kevin McLaughlin


Waveflower by Kevin McLaughlin


Why Shouldn't There Be Secrets Buried by Kevin McLaughlin


The Violet Void by Kevin McLaughlin


Snail Oracle by Kevin McLaughlin


Bunny Flower by Kevin McLaughlin


Fire Spirit Cave by Kevin McLaughlin


The Beast Afoot by Kevin McLaughlin


Techno Wreaths by Kevin McLaughlin


Merry Clickmas by Kevin McLaughlin


Swank Season by Kevin McLaughlin


Sad Santa by Kevin McLaughlin


Holiday Tree by Kevin McLaughlin